Andromeda 2018 – DJ Nobu – DJ Seinfeld – DjRum

November 24, 2018
8:00 pm
8 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
Andromeda 2018 – DJ Nobu – DJ Seinfeld – DjRum

Over the past 12 months we’ve searched far and wide looking for our new outdoor home to bring back the camping festival. We are currently in the process of locking things down for next years outdoor event but for now, we go back to the club where we’ll be taking over one of Brisbane’s most iconic club spaces, Family. Joining us are 3 international headliners and scene contributors currently at the peak of their game. Let’s rave!

DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL) (Future Terror// Japan)
Japan’s DJ Nobu is a DJ with no fixed style, but instead a very real ability to draw on a wide world of music and cook up his own unique sound spaces. He is something of a cult figure for those who know, and his decades of experience all get distilled at his acclaimed party Future Terror, his label Bitta and his few choice production outings.
All of this has slowly but surely turned him from being one of Japan’s, to one of the world’s, most in demand selectors who is famously flexible and ever evolving.

DJ Seinfeld (Lobster Fury// Sweden)
What’s in a name? DJ Seinfeld’s has been one of the most intriguing in electronic music in recent times. Yet, over just a few short years, the artist otherwise known as Armand Jakobsson has defied expectations, not only within the ‘lo-fi’ scene he briefly, inadvertently helped define, but across the wider spectrum of electronic music.

As well as releasing one of 2017’s most-celebrated debut albums, ‘Time Spent Away From U’, he’s proactively flexed his creative impulses, utilising a number of not-so-secret aliases to explore the margins of jungle, techno and ambient. This all-encompassing approach resulted in Jakobsson becoming one of the youngest ever artists to be invited to curate an entry into !K7’s legendary mix series, DJ- KiCKS, which boasts past editions from Actress, Nina Kraviz and Moodymann.

Djrum (R & S Records// United Kingdom)
Since 2010, Djrum has been concocting a late-night melting pot of dubstep, garage, techno and dub, maintaining a gold label quality control throughout. 2016 has seen a three-part series of releases on 2nd Drop Records. The magnificently grandiose tracks he achieves is done so with a softness and nuance. The manner in which he takes on the Rave/Techno/Acid-House/Jungle/DnB scene has made him a true unquestionable trail-blazer. His most recent album, Portrait With Firewood, is his most mature and honest work to date. Following an emotionally turbulent 2017, the album expertly distils a wide range of influences and seeks to capture the “inherent melancholy in beauty in all its impermanence and fragility.”

Local support from Pray Tell DJs, Tiafau & Cam Lee.

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